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Area of work: Him Tech, Inc. was founded in 2011 by present President & CEO Mr. Raj Sarraf and two other partners in an alliance with Sunsoft Corp with a vision to help Nepalese professionals with quality jobs who are struggling in the US despite their talent and expertise. Our mission is socially conscious for our community and its members, and is promised on the principle “Lending Hands For Better Future”. We are always stepping ahead when it comes to introducing Nepal as a great nation around the world.
After many years of presence in the US recruiting industry, realizing that there is a need for unity among scattered various Nepalese owned IT firms as well as a need for common platform to introduce the strength of Nepalese skills into today’s world market, Him Tech Inc. decided to design & host this global platform for the sake of Nepalese unity and identity around the world, making this platform “The First Global Nepalese Job Portal”. We believe, this platform can provide an opportunity for all working Nepalese professionals and all Business owners (both IT & Non-IT) from around the world to come together and join hands to build Nepalese identity in today’s world stage. Together, we can show the world that Nepal has a lot to contribute in today’s 21st-century rapid modernization. It is time to shine and prove that Nepal is not the only country of Mt. Everest, or only a country of lord Buddha, but it is also a country that produces some of the smartest brains in the world.