Visit Madhesh

Founded Date: 01/02/2019

Founded By: Raj Sarraf


Area of work:

VisitMadhesh is an initiative to reveal the hidden tourism opportunities in the madhesh region of Nepal. This campaign aims to help tourists and travel enthusiasts explore the uncharted places, people, cultures, and experiences of the madhesh region. With active involvement of hundreds of like-minded people, visitmadhesh campaign is being carried out with a mission to pave the path for development and prosperity of madhesh through promotion of tourism and its ecosystem.

Our Story:

The concept of visitmadhesh campaign was coined by a group of friends originally from the madhesh region of Nepal and living in the United States in 2018. To explore the underlying tourism opportunities, the team worked on travelling from east to west of the madhesh region. During this tour, the team found out hundreds of attractions and places which could become a great tourist destination. Likewise, the diversity of culture, language, foods, and festivals furthermore encouraged the team to take this initiative forward.

Year 2019: Promote Internal Tourism

During the Year 2019, the team worked on creating a digital platform to help people from around the world learn about different aspects of madhesh tourism. The team has developed website and mobile applications. This digital platform will help people to learn about the various tourism related data and information accessible at the touch of a finger.

Through the use of digital platform, the campaign is planned to promote internal tourism in the madhesh region of Nepal. This will help to develop an ecosystem for tourism activities in the madhesh region. Furthermore, it will also help the visitmadhesh team to learn about the different aspects of tourism and areas to improve in. This will also be the year of preparation for Visit Madhesh Campaign 2020, all local authority should prepare themself to host/accommodate targeted numbers which will require engagement with local government, private investor, tourist related businesses

Year 2020: VisitMadhesh 2020

Embarking the start of Year 2020, Visit Madhesh 2020 will be initiated to to start hosting, tourists from around the world to Madhesh. 2020 will be the year to recognize Madhesh as equally potential tourism destination to the tourist visiting Nepal with our slogan “Visit Nepal is not complete without Visit Madhesh”. Our target will be to make sure by the end of 2020, 33% of the total national tourists visiting Nepal, visit madhesh as well. This means based of 2020 Visit Nepal campaign target, out of total 20,00,000 tourist, 33% which is more than 6,60,000 should go to visit madhesh tourism destination, which is 55,000 tourist every Month in Madhesh district.